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The Law Offices of Barton P Levine is a debt relief agency

Bankruptcy Representation

The Law Offices of Barton P. Levine is a debt relief agency. We help people obtain relief under the Bankruptcy Code! 

If you are having serious credit problems, or are experiencing a foreclosure proceeding, you need expert legal representation. The Law Offices of Barton P. Levine has been representing individuals and businesses in the greater New York City metropolitan area since 1993. 

 We are fully familiar with the many different kinds of issues that can arise in a bankruptcy proceeding. We can also provide individuals with immediate assistance, if they are experiencing an imminent foreclosure sale, a bank levy or a wage garnishment. 

Getting a “Fresh Start” 

Bankruptcy laws are intended to provide individuals and businesses having credit problems with a “fresh start”. Since 1993, we have helped many individuals and businesses eliminate their debts, while keeping their home, car or other valuable assets. 

Choose an Experienced Law Firm

The bankruptcy laws are quite complicated, and it is not unusual for unrepresented or poorly represented debtors to wind up in a “heap of trouble”. For this reason, you need an experienced law firm that is familiar with the bankruptcy laws and procedures.

Is Bankruptcy the Right Thing to Do? 

Bankruptcy filings do not have the same stigma that they once had. Sometimes, people feel that they will be committing a sin, if they file for bankruptcy relief. There is no reason to feel this way. Most lenders recognize that bankruptcy filings are usually the result of unanticipated events, such as a job loss, a business reversal, divorce, sickness or death. Bankruptcy is often the best solution to debts caused by these situations. 

In this depressed economy, our firm has represented numerous individuals, who, prior to losing their job, had excellent credit ratings. Having lost their jobs, these individuals found themselves overwhelmed by debts they could no longer pay. 

Filing for bankruptcy can cause negative emotional and psychological reactions. The circumstances that led to the bankruptcy filing can take a significant toll on the person dealing with these issues. We help individuals work through the emotional process that often occurs when someone is contemplating a bankruptcy filing. Sometimes, a person’s “self-esteem” is intertwined with his finances. In many instances, people need to be reassured that there is “life after a bankruptcy filing”. If you find yourself unable to obtain new credit, and it is unlikely that you will be unable to get any new credit for many years to come, getting a “fresh start” with a bankruptcy filing may be the way to go. Also, individuals need to understand how to rebuild their credit after a bankruptcy case has been filed.

 A person pursuing bankruptcy relief should learn from the experience, acquire new financial skills, and look at their bankruptcy filing, as way to get the “fresh start” they so desperately need. 

We can help you work through these issues, and help you determine whether a bankruptcy filing works for you. 

Debt Consolidation Programs

We have also represented numerous individuals, who had previously entered into a debt consolidation program. While debt consolidations have the effect of helping individuals “manage” their credit obligations, they prolong the day when these individuals will have the “fresh start” they really need. It is not unusual to hear individuals complain that, having faithfully fulfilled their obligations in a debt consolidation program for several years, they still find themselves unable to obtain new credit and a “fresh start”. 

Getting Started

In order to proceed, the debtor’s assets and liabilities must first be analyzed to determine (i) what the debtor will be able to keep; (ii) what debts can be discharged; and (iii) what debts cannot be discharged. Debts, such as personal income taxes incurred during the 3-year period prior to filing, and domestic support obligations, are non-dischargeable in a Chapter 7 case.

 In a Chapter 7 business filing, it is also important to separate the obligations that exclusively belong to the corporation or limited liability company from the obligations that are “personal” to the owner of the business entity. 

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