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New York Bankruptcy Resources

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Understanding Bankruptcy

Access a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Resource 

Learn more about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Resource

Learn more about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Federal Exemptions

Learn about Federal Exemptions and how to protect your assets in a bankruptcy

Chapter 11 Reorganization

Learn more about what a Chapter 11 reorganization is and if it will benefit you.

Credit Counseling & Financial Management Courses

Understand more about the Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act and if it applies to you.

Property Exemptions

Understand more about what assets you get to keep

Bankruptcy Overview Resource

Download our free Bankruptcy Overview PDF 

Foreclosure Resource 

Learn more about the relationship between bankruptcies and foreclosures and how you can protect  your home.

New York Exemptions

Learn more about New York State Bankruptcy Exemptions for your home and other assets

Bankruptcy FAQs

Find answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Bankruptcy