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Real Estate Representation

Many clients who obtain our services for their estate planning or elder law needs also turn to us in connection with their residential real estate transactions. Our firm is well- suited to represent clients in connection with their real estate transactions.

We can help buyers and sellers with a wide range of services in connection with their residential real estate needs. We draft contracts and attend closings, guide our clients through the mortgage application process, and advise them of the pitfalls they can encounter in the purchase or sale of a home.

Homebuyers need to insure that they will have “clear and marketable” title. Sometimes, a home includes an “addition” (such as a porch), which is not covered by an existing Certificate of Occupancy. A homebuyer needs to insure that the entire structure being purchased is “legal”, and covered by a valid Certificate of Occupancy. During the past few years, many homebuyers have also gotten into trouble with mortgage-related problems. Many of these problems could have been avoided by seeking the advice of competent legal counsel. A competent real estate attorney should be able to call your attention to unfavorable mortgage terms. For these reasons, homebuyers should consult with competent legal counsel in connection with their purchase of any real property.

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